We analyse all types of water, performing physicochemical, microbiological and organic and inorganic micro-polluting tests according to current legislation.

In the area of water for human consumption and supply networks, EMATSA lab provides coverage for:

  • Basic drinking water controls
  • Routine checks to confirm the presence of pathogens
  • Identifying leaks and water of unknown origin

Types of water analysed:

  • Drinking Water
  • Sanitary water. Control of Legionella where there may be a risk
  • Surface water and groundwater
  • Water for bottled drinks
  • Bathing Water: coastal and inland
  • Pool Water
  • Port Water
  • Packed drinking waters
  • Spring Water
  • Pre potable water
  • Water for irrigation
  • Water for hemodialysis
  • Urban and industrial waste water and leachate
  • Recycled Water