Analysis of inland and waste water:

  • pH, conductivity, free chlorine, total chlorine, turbidity, colour, temperature, dissolved oxygen, redox potential.
  • Other parameters: groundwater levels.

Seawater analysis:

  • Conductivity, salinity, turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen.
  • Other parameters: depth, water transparency (Secchi disk).

Control of gases:

  • Methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide.

Other services offered:

  • Monitoring biological indicators in river waters (BMWPc)
  • Identification of macroinvertebrates in seawater
  • Identification of jellyfish
  • Coastal cleaning
  • Control of surfaces

Most important equipment:

  • Specially adapted vehicles (5 units) for field work
  • Fast boat for sampling port and marine waters and marine sediments
  • GPS for location and mapping of sample points
  • Automatic samplers (16 units)
  • Temperature controlled refrigerators for transporting samples
  • Telescopic collectors
  • Magnetic manhole cover lifters
  • Stainless steel immersion cylinder (to DIN EN ISO 3170 standard)
  • Van Been stainless steel grabber
  • Field Spectrophotometers (chlorine, color, turbidity, isocyanuric acid)
  • Multiparameter analyser (pH, conductivity, temperature, redox potential, dissolved oxygen)
  • Multiparameter marine probes (salinity, turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen)
  • Piezometric probes for level measurements
  • Piezometric Pump
  • Portable Gas Monitor